How to DISABLE FACE ID for APPLE PAY & wallet?

hey there so how to disable face ID for wallet and Apple pay so if you just go to Settings app and search for face ID and passcode here they have this setting uh so if you turn this off you will not be able to access certain cards and passes in wallet that require face ID to use so they just have that but still you can just disable that also you can also enable that back if you want but that's that's basically the idea so yeah just in case you want to disable that of course it's super convenient and super easy but sometimes you know when you're like doing shopping in some app or some store and like usually even with Touch ID if you tap pay you have this kind of last chance like to you to use your touch ID or even old school if you just need to enter your passcode then you're like okay I'm entering my passcode I'm doing the purchase here like if you tap in the purchase button it can be like instantly done so it's like instant purchase and it's like whoa what's happened so that's just like uh something for you to to have um if you don't sometimes maybe you're just shopping around and it's just a much faster way to do shopping if you have first ID enabled but sometimes in some apps like you know like uh the the purchase process their monetization is built in a way that you don't even notice that your can be charged and all of that so just be careful with that but in other way it's also super convenient so just depending on use case you can enable or disable it here

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