Harrison gel app let's go through how to disable Fake Messages in Angel app if you don't know yes NGL app send it app I think other apps in this category do send Fake Messages board generated much just not from real people and sometimes if you see the message it might not be real so don't get too excited or anything like that um yeah so some messages are real but some are not how do you know in NGL app recently they added this feature if the app If the message is bot generated you will see it's with love from Tim and Jiao so that basically means that uh yeah that this is not a real message this is a fake message generated by bot it's actually pretty cool that now they include this in the bottom because before it wasn't clear is it a real message or not like and uh NGO app didn't even acknowledge they were sending all these fake messages and a lot of people were like who sent me this message and then you needed to upgrade and after you upgrade that you can discard that this is just some fake bot so that was really not nice uh but now you can see that yeah this is the um the app here and they send it if you want to disable this feature just tap on your icon in top right and tap settings and have you have here angel love messages on and then you can just put off and then uh previous effect messages will remain but in future and gel won't be sending you any more of this bot messages and then you will see that maybe you will receive more messages but those messages supposed to be only from real people no Bots anymore as I understand so that's how you can disable this fake automated questions from NGL team hope that can be helpful and thank you for watching

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