How to disable Google meet app on Samsung

In order to disable the Google Meet app on a Samsung device, follow these steps outlined in the video transcript.

Firstly, if you have the Google Meet app open, hold it until a window pops up. In that window, you should see 'disable' as an option. Proceed to select this option.

After disabling the Google Meet app, you may find that it helps resolve issues you may have been experiencing with the Samsung Messages app. It seems that there have been some issues with the two apps conflicting with each other.

For the time being, it is recommended to disable the Google Meet app. This temporary fix should allow you to use the Samsung Messages app seamlessly once again. This tip was shared within the community as a workaround until a more permanent solution is provided.

Following these steps should assist in resolving any issues you have been facing with the Samsung Messages app. If you are encountering conflicts between apps on your Samsung device, this may be a viable solution to consider.

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