How to disable location when sharing BeReal?

Did you know you can easily disable location when uploading BeReal?

So, when posting your BeReal, in the bottom part of the screen there is a location icon.

Tap on location icon - you will be able to turn location off.

That's it. Now your location in BeReal is disabled.

Why disable location in BeReal?

BeReal app - also known as "authentic Instagram" - is famous for original, non-filtered, non-edited photos, which you have only 2 minutes to post.

Because of this time constraint you won't be able to always take a perfect image.

Therefore, by hiding location - your photo won't be discoverable to many people.

Of course, also other users won't know where you have been located while sharing BeReal.

This is how location looks like on BeReal app (if enabled).

If you don't know what is a BeReal app, I have created this video overview.

And here is some advanced overview of BeReal with some hidden features for pro users.

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