How to disable NGL bot questions in NGL app?

NGL bot messages list via!

to disable what questions in NGL do this tap on your icon in top right tap on settings and then you see this Angelo message on or off and then just tap off so by doing this you're disabling what questions how they look like you will see in the message below send this love from Tim and Jiao meaning that this is a fake message and in this poll you want to see the option to upgrade that's how you know that this is the bot message so now it's it's being clear in ninja lab so there you have it that's how you disabled if you still want to you know brag with your friends or something that you have a lot of messages or just to brighten your day you can always enable bot messages like this and then yeah you will receive just a lot of messages like every time you should basically share NGO link on Instagram you instantly and naturally you will receive like so many bot questions but they are clearly seen as bot so there you have it

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