How to disable Video/BTS on BeReal? 3 places where you can disable

If you're wondering how to disable Video/BTS on BeReal, there are three places where you can do that - before taking BeReal, before posting BeReal, and after posting BeReal. Let's dive into each of these options.

When you're about to post a BeReal, you'll notice the BTS option in the top right corner. The first place where you can disable it is right there. Simply toggle it off, and voila! You've turned off BTS. It's worth noting that, unfortunately, BeReal doesn't have a default setting to keep BTS off at all times. It can be a bit irritating, but you'll need to remember to disable it every time you post a BeReal.

After posting a BeReal, you still have the opportunity to disable BTS. If you decide that you don't want BTS on your BeReal, you can tap and hold on the post. Then, tap on the three dots that appear and select "Remove BTS." This action will revert your BeReal to a photo and permanently remove BTS from it. Additionally, you can also choose to tap "Delete" to remove the entire BeReal, but be aware that this will delete the photo as well.

Overall, there are three options for removing BTS in the process of taking a BeReal. It would be more convenient if BeReal had a default setting to turn BTS off, as some users simply don't like it. Perhaps this feature will be added in the future, after BTS has been promoted. However, until then, you now know how to disable BTS on BeReal in three different ways.

Please note that the information provided in this article is based on the video transcript and may be subject to change or updates by the BeReal team.

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