How to DISLIKE COMMENTS in TikTok? New feature

so here is some new feature which is coming to tick tock it's called common dislike button i'm just going here for the disliking a comment doesn't publicly show it next to the comment or inform the commenters that have received a dislike instead it's a data collection tool for tick tock to keep tabs on users who repeatedly get dislikes on their comments if someone's notorious for spamming the comments section and videos the dislike button gives tick tock another means of finding this user and intervening if as necessary this is just basically a community dislike a community data reporting tool which can help to grow tick tock further so if you go like and search for tick tock let's just see if this feature is already available so for example if i go to one of my videos um or i don't know i can see some of the maybe some comments so here is amazing new trending app which is called uh i'll be me so i don't see yet the dislike button i can only like it so there you have it so not yet but probably it will be released sometime in the future so that's that

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