How to draw on friends profile in id by amo app?

Are you looking for a fun and creative way to connect with your friends on social media? Look no further than the ID by Amo app! In this video transcript, we will show you how to draw on a friend's profile using this innovative app.

To get started, simply open the ID by Amo app and navigate to the Friends section. Here, you will find a list of your friends' profiles. Tap on the profile of the friend you want to interact with.

Once you're on your friend's profile, you will see several options for customization. Explore the various tabs to find different items you can add to the profile. These include images from your camera roll and an assortment of stickers.

With the image tab, you can upload photos from your camera roll to add a personal touch to your friend's profile. From the stickers tab, you can select pre-designed stickers to enhance the profile's visual appeal.

But the fun doesn't stop there! The ID by Amo app also allows you to add links and write text on your friend's profile. This gives you the opportunity to leave personal messages or funny captions.

If you're feeling particularly artistic, the app lets you draw on your friend's profile as well. Simply use your finger or a stylus to sketch whatever you like. When you're satisfied with your creation, you can send it out for others to see.

One of the great features of ID by Amo is that your friends' friends will also see your artwork or additions on their feeds. This creates a sense of community and offers a unique way to discover what others have added to your friends' profiles.

In addition, the app provides a global feed where you can browse through the profiles of others. This allows you to see who has drawn on their profiles and what stickers they have incorporated. It's like a college social media app that encourages creativity and interaction.

To return to your own profile or another friend's profile, simply navigate back using the app's interface.

ID by Amo offers a refreshing and enjoyable way to engage with your friends on social media. Whether you want to add personal touches, funny stickers, or showcase your drawing skills, this app has it all. Give it a try and let your creativity run wild!

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