How to DUET in CoverStar app?

How to DUET in CoverStar app?

Transcript: "How to do it on Cover Star? This is a similar feature as on TikTok. So you just go to any video, then you can tap on three dots. After that, you can tap on the top where there is like a 'do it' button. From there, you can go and record your video. I'm just showing you around, that's basically how you can enable this feature. Also, you can delete your posts, save it to the library, or share it from this menu."

In the CoverStar app, users can create duet videos where they can interact with content from other users. Follow these steps to start duetting in the CoverStar app:

  1. Open the CoverStar app on your device.
  2. Browse through the videos and select the one you want to duet with.
  3. Tap on the three dots on the video to expand the options menu.
  4. Locate the "do it" button at the top and tap on it to enter the duet recording mode.
  5. Record your duet video while interacting with the original content.
  6. After recording, you can preview your duet video and make any edits if necessary.
  7. Once you are satisfied with your duet, you can choose to delete it, save it to your library, or share it directly from the app's menu.

Duetting in CoverStar allows users to collaborate and engage creatively with each other's content. It adds a dynamic element to the app and opens up opportunities for users to showcase their talent and connect with the community. Give duetting a try in the CoverStar app and explore the possibilities of creating collaborative content in a fun and interactive way.

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