How to earn coin rewards in Dramabox app?

In the Dramabox app, users have the opportunity to earn coin rewards through various activities provided within the platform. One way to accumulate coins is through the Earn Reward section located in the user's profile. Below is a breakdown of the different methods users can employ to earn coins within the app:

  1. Daily Check-in:
  • Upon opening the app daily, users automatically receive three coins.
  • Continuously checking in every day increases the daily coin rewards. For instance:
  • Third day: 5 coins
  • Seventh day: 9 coins
  1. Watching Ads:
  • Users can watch an ad to earn two coins.
  • Furthermore, watching 15 ads in a row can result in acquiring 30 coins.
  1. Social Media Engagement:
  • By following Dramabox on platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook, and enabling push notifications, users can earn a total of 20 coins.
  1. Additional Rewards for Watching Dramas:
  • Users receive extra coins for watching dramas for varying durations:
  • 5 minutes: Additional coins
  • 10 minutes: Additional coins
  • 15 minutes: Additional coins

By engaging in the aforementioned activities, users can potentially accumulate a substantial amount of coins daily. Here's a calculation based on the available methods:

  • Daily check-in: 3 coins
  • Watching ads and additional activities: 30 coins
  • Social media engagement: 20 coins

In total, users could potentially earn:

  • Minimum of 33 coins per day, with the possibility of earning an extra 7 coins for additional activities.
  • Therefore, at least 40 coins can be earned daily.

Utilizing these methods can help users save money on in-app purchases. For instance, with 40 coins daily, users could save approximately $1 for every ten days of consistent engagement with the app. By taking advantage of these opportunities for coin rewards, users can enhance their viewing experience on Dramabox without the need for additional spending.

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