Here is a cool offer that the Toki app is currently running. Until January 27th, you have the opportunity to earn gems simply by inviting your friends to join. This offer is available in the app's sidebar, located in the top left corner. To access it, all you need to do is swipe.

For each friend you successfully invite, you will receive a generous reward of 200 gems. But that's not all! There are also bonus gems for inviting your 5th, 10th, 20th, and 30th friends. To start inviting your friends, you will need your unique invitation code, which can be found within the app.

Once you have your invitation code, you can share it wherever you want and let your friends know about this exciting offer. To sweeten the deal even further, there is an additional reward of epic proportions if you use the code SGY5CA.

To track your progress and see all your invitation records, you can navigate to the designated section in the app. Here, you can also keep an eye on your bonus gems progress. It's worth noting that this offer is only available from December 20th to January 20th.

The rewards keep getting better as you continue to invite new users. Once you reach a milestone of 5 new user invitations, you will receive an extra reward of 500 gems. The rewards continue to increase with each milestone, reaching a maximum bonus of 30 new users. Beyond 30, each new user invitation will still reward you with 200 gems, but there will be no additional rewards.

To find more details about this offer, you can click on the question mark symbol in the top right corner of the app. It's important to mention that this offer may only be available to selected users. If you are eligible, don't miss out on the opportunity to share this offer with your friends and earn some free gems on the Toki app.

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