How to earn money in ZeeTok app

The Ztalk app provides an opportunity for users to earn money through various means. To understand how this is possible, let's take a closer look at the app and its features.

In order to earn free coins on Ztalk, there are two primary ways you can go about it. The first method involves completing different tasks that appear in the task center, which can reward you with free coins. By simply going to your profile and accessing the task center, you can start accumulating coins through these tasks.

The second method involves inviting friends to join Ztalk using your personal invitation code. By sharing your code with others and encouraging them to sign up, you can earn additional coins. When your friends sign up and enter your invitation code, both you and your friends can benefit from this referral system.

For example, if someone uses your invitation code, you will receive a certain number of coins as a reward for bringing them into the app. The more friends you invite, the more coins you can earn.

Upon accessing your profile, you can see the number of coins you have accumulated so far. For instance, you may find that you already have 19.8 coins and 125 coins. These coins can then be utilized within the app for various purposes such as accessing more chats, meetups, and other features.

However, it's important to note that Ztalk does not currently allow users to withdraw the earned coins as actual money. While you can enjoy the benefits of using these coins within the app, the option to convert them into real currency is not available at this time.

If you have any queries regarding your account, settings, or security, you can refer to the account and security sections within the app. Additionally, the payment section can provide you with information on how to reach out to the Ztalk team for any further assistance.

Furthermore, although it is not possible to withdraw the coins as money, you can choose to recharge them within the app for various purposes. This allows you to enhance your experience on Ztalk and enjoy its features to the fullest.

In summary, earning money within the Ztalk app is achievable through completing tasks in the task center and inviting friends to join using your invitation code. While you cannot withdraw the earned coins as cash, they can be used within the app to access additional features and enhance your experience.

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