How to easily disable BeReal BTS video?

A lot of viewers on my channel are asking me if you can turn off BTS by default, because right now if you open your updated B-Real app, you will see that BTS is on by default. For some users, it's really cool to explore these features, but for others, it's really annoying because every time they just want to take a photo with B-Real, they have to toggle it off themselves. This adds an additional tab to your B-Real, and sometimes you can forget about it and end up capturing a 5-second video before taking your picture. For some people, this invasion of privacy is considered excessive.

It would be really cool if B-Real had a setting somewhere that allows users to turn BTS off by default. Unfortunately, there is currently no option like that. B-Real seems to be pushing really hard with this new feature, perhaps to generate more traction, but many users are expressing their dislike for it. The question remains: why would you do that?

Maybe B-Real will introduce a toggle in the future where users can simply set BTS to be off all the time. Many users would greatly appreciate having that option. In the meantime, you can give it a try, but that's the general idea.

So, for those who find the default BTS feature in B-Real bothersome, there is currently no direct way to disable it. Hopefully, B-Real will take user feedback into consideration and provide a solution in the near future.

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