WhatsApp has become one of the most used messaging apps globally, with users enjoying the flexibility of the platform. One of the most requested features that have been missing on WhatsApp is the ability to edit messages. This missing feature has made it difficult to correct mistakes made in a message before it reaches the recipient. Good news for the WhatsApp community! The much-awaited editing feature is now available on WhatsApp.

On Monday, an Apple insider reported that WhatsApp finally allows its users to edit messages, just like its counterpart iMessage. This is a much-anticipated feature that has been a long time coming.

With the new feature, users have a 15-minute window to edit or make changes to a message that has been sent. After sending a message on WhatsApp, you now have a window of a quarter of an hour to carry out an edit. To make an edit, long press the message that needs to be rephrased or corrected. Thereafter, the edit icon will appear, just tap and correct the message as appropriate.

Once the details have been changed, the message will show an edited mark, indicating that the original message has been amended. This saves a lot of time and ensures that you can quickly correct any spelling, grammar, or other errors that may have been made when sending the message.

The feature release may not be widely available yet. It is possible that it may be available first in some regions before being rolled out globally. However, if you are among the lucky ones to have received the update, go ahead, and give it a test.

In conclusion, the new feature is a massive boost for WhatsApp users, taking the app another step closer to functionality parity with iMessage. The feature will save lots of time and prevent any minor errors undermining the message's intended meaning.

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