How to EDIT MESSAGES in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has introduced a feature that many users have been waiting for: the ability to edit messages. Android Police reported that a new edit button has been added to both the web and Android versions of the app. This feature is currently in beta and will be available first on Android and web, with no update on when it will come to iOS or the iPhone.

So how can you edit your message on WhatsApp? Simply press and hold the message you want to change. A menu will appear, and from there you can select the edit option. After editing, a label saying "edited" will appear to let your recipient know that the message has been altered.

It's important to note that this feature has a 15-minute window. You can only edit a message within 15 minutes of sending it, after which it becomes locked. This is similar to how Apple handles editing iMessages. In WhatsApp, however, you can make an unlimited number of edits within that 15-minute time frame.

If you're interested in trying out this feature before it becomes widely available, you can enroll in WhatsApp's public testing program on Android. Unfortunately, iOS users will have to wait a bit longer before this feature becomes available on their device.

Overall, this new feature is a game-changer for those who use WhatsApp to communicate. The ability to fix mistakes or clarify a message after it's already been sent is incredibly valuable. No more regrets and no more embarrassing typos! Keep an eye out for this new feature, and make sure to try it out when it becomes available on your device.

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