hey there so I upgraded to Twitter blue and I'm on one of the features Islan awaited ability to edit tweets um so yeah you can actually add it to it's not just undo them when signing but you can edit them so let's just try to do it uh so you can write some tweet and then you just send it now you don't have this undo button and then you have 30 minutes to edit it so you yeah you can delete it but you can also edit it uh and then yeah you can just do that and then just tap update you can also as well manage who can reply and all of that you can change it this tweet has been edited and then you will just see the edit history here just similar as you can see it in the Facebook app and then you can edit it again but the previous tweet the version history original tweet you can't add it so people will still see the version history and how it was edited and all of that so yeah and all the stats everything will just move to to this new edited tweet and then you will see when it was edited and all of that um so that's basically uh the idea here so that's about that so enjoy this feature you need to to upgrade to Twitter blue I guess

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