How to enable Ezoic Side Rails ads?

hello everyone so how to enable side rails ads on azoid dashboard so just go to uh isoic ads and then you need to go to add positions add types and here you have side rails so side rails are just the stop ads the stick to the left and right side of the screen and scroll with the users automatically show when the screen is wide enough and I recommend it for site that have content content in Center column is the space on the left and right so it's kind of like a sticky left all right sidebar and yeah in case you have a lot of desktop use on your website uh well in my case I just have a lot of mobile views so I'm not sure if that is so much useful for me but in case you have a lot of desktop views and people reading your website from like white monitors TVs and stuff like that um yeah this can be super helpful because you will just have automatically enabled sticky ads on your left and right side

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