How to enable Member Recognition Shelf in YouTube app?

YouTube recently introduced a highly engaging feature called the Member Recognition Shelf. This feature allows channel owners to publicly acknowledge their members by showcasing their avatars in a shelf that appears at the top of the channel page. The Member Recognition Shelf is a fantastic way for channel owners to express gratitude towards their members and demonstrate how much they value their support.

To ensure fairness and diversity, the avatars featured on the shelf are randomly selected and will change frequently. This way, more members get an opportunity to be showcased and appreciated. It's worth noting that whenever a member visits the channel page, they will always find their own avatar displayed on the shelf, giving them a personalized experience.

If a member decides to cancel their membership, their avatar will no longer be featured on the shelf. This ensures that the Member Recognition Shelf remains updated, reflecting the current list of active members.

So, how can you enable this captivating feature? Let's walk through the process step by step:

  1. Visit your channel's Memberships settings.
  2. Look for the option to enable the Member Recognition Shelf.
  3. If you already have more than 8 members, the feature will be enabled by default. However, if you have fewer than 8 members, you can choose to enable it manually.
  4. Once enabled, the Member Recognition Shelf will automatically appear on your channel page, proudly displaying the avatars of your esteemed members.

In addition to the channel page, you can also extend this recognition to video descriptions. By enabling the feature in video descriptions, you provide an extra opportunity for viewers to discover and appreciate your members.

If you need further assistance or want to explore more about the Member Recognition Shelf, YouTube offers comprehensive resources on their platform. By delving into these resources, you can enhance your understanding of this feature and make the most out of it.

So, why wait? Start recognizing your channel's incredible members today by enabling the Member Recognition Shelf. Your members will feel appreciated, and it will be a great way to show off your thriving community to others.

To learn more about the Member Recognition Shelf and its benefits, head over to YouTube and explore the detailed information available. Happy recognizing!

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