How to enable Super Thanks in YouTube Studio?

hey everyone so let's explore how to enable supersyncs so this is a new feature from youtube which is basically a tip jar so viewers can tip you either two dollars until 50 dollars for your video so you need to go to your go to monetization and go to superstab so here you have super chat and super stickers and then you need to tap get started then you need to fill this agreement at your full name at your email and add your company name it can be anna if you don't have a company and it should be a full legal name here and then here you will see if you have access to super sayings and you will be notified in your youtube studio dashboard when you have access [Music] so yeah your super chat and stickers activity you can also manage super chat and stickers from here uh so here is some eligibility for channels yeah you must you must be monetizing and be an eligible location to have access to supers if you don't see the super section don't have access yes so uh supersync is not available for the following types of videos unlisted private as restricted made for kids all of that and then it's only available in 60 plus countries so eligible creators in these countries there are also super saints policies um and then yeah you can turn on again just go to monetization and just go to superstep uh you will find super thanks with on off button in the super step so yeah you can moderate super thanks comments you can revenue report you can you can see that uh super thanks revenue share is the same as super chat super seekers and channel memberships uh so that's yes that's just a new feature super exciting so definitely try it out so again you should be in one of those 60 countries here and you should be youtube partner meaning your channel should be available for ads and then if it is there it should be available soon but i read that youtube is rolling out this feature like continuously and it should be available for all creators by the end of the year uh you should you can always contact youtube support here in the top part and just clarify then why you don't have super syncs yet so uh there you have it just a quick overview how you can try it out if you have any additional features if you have your experience with this just leave it in the comments below also you can read here some a techcrunch article so this is how it can look like this is just like some someone sending a thanks message and you will see that someone sent like 10 and there is like a message um so yeah that's that's that uh hopefully it can be a nice new revenue stream for you

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