How to enable VIDEOS on BeReal? New update

The latest update on the BeReal app brings an exciting new feature - the ability to enable videos. This feature, known as "behind the scenes" (BTS), allows users to capture a few seconds of video before taking their B-Real shot.

To take advantage of this new update, users will need to ensure that they have the latest version of the BeReal app installed on their devices. The update is expected to roll out within the next two weeks.

Once the app is updated, users will notice a new button in the top right corner of their screen while recording a new B-Real. This button will have the letters "BTS" on it, indicating its purpose as the behind-the-scenes feature.

By toggling this button on, users can activate the BTS mode, which will begin recording a few seconds of video before they actually take their B-Real shot. It's important to note that this feature is different from other video platforms like TikTok or YouTube, where users can record and upload full-length videos. On BeReal, the focus remains on capturing the brief moments before the actual shot.

The captured video segment, referred to as the "behind the scenes" moment, adds a new dimension to the B-Real experience. It allows users to document and share the lead-up to their shots, providing a glimpse into the process behind their B-Real creation.

While some users have already started posting videos featuring the BTS feature on TikTok, the availability of this update may vary for different users. As of now, it is unclear when the feature will be accessible to all BeReal users. However, with the imminent release of the update, it is recommended to keep an eye out for its arrival and explore this new video functionality.

So, get ready to elevate your BeReal experience by adding an intriguing behind-the-scenes touch to your shots. Stay tuned for the update and start capturing those behind-the-scenes moments on BeReal!

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