How to enter a referral code in Umax app? While creating an account

So how do you enter a referral code in the Umax app? When creating an account, it's a simple process. Let me walk you through it based on the video transcript.

Firstly, when you're in the process of creating your account on the Umax app, you will need to choose your gender and take a selfie. After completing these steps, you have the option to add reviews, and then you come to the point where you can enter your referral code. Alternatively, you can choose to skip this step if you don't have a referral code.

If your friends have shared their referral code with you, you can enter it at this stage of creating your account. Entering the referral code will allow you to avail the benefits associated with it. For instance, if you, as a creator, have shared your referral code with three friends and they have signed up using your code, you will be able to use the Umax app for free. Otherwise, the app costs four dollars per week, making it quite expensive.

Using referral codes as a way to gain access to the Umax app for free is a great opportunity for users to save money. By referring other people to join the app using your code, you can unlock this benefit and enjoy the app without any charges.

In conclusion, when creating an account on the Umax app, there is an option to enter a referral code. This can give you access to the app for free if you have friends who have shared their referral code with you and vice versa. It's a win-win situation for both new users and creators who can benefit from the referral program.

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