How to enter a ZIP code in Cash App when creating an account?

Hey, so how to enter, for example, your zip code in a cash app. So when you're creating your cash app account, so the steps you did before probably were that you entered your phone number, you received a tax confirmation, you added your debit credit card, then you created your cash deck if you're using the app first time. And then, for example, you can just use and just enter your zip code. Cash app is available in United States only. I think also in UK and a few other countries, but it's not international app. It's not available in Europe or anything like that. So it's you just need to enter your US zip code. It's not possible to enter like Mexican or, you know, it's yeah. You need to be registered in US address and have SSR like US social security or SSN, social security number to be able to fully use this app without all these details. You kind of will be able to just browse through the cash app, but you won't be able to accept payments. So that's what happens. And yeah, I hope that's helpful.

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