How to enter invite code in Bluesky social app?

there here is Blue Sky social app so to enter invite code yeah just open the app you need to create new account and here is here is where you enter the invite code I don't have any invite codes whatsoever but yeah this app right now is in a closed beta however it's it's being released already into the App Store so you can find it you can download it you don't need to join any test flight or anything but still you need to have invite code which are Wireless limited I have no idea like how to get them seems around a million of users have access to it according to some media Outlets and you just can't access the app without these invite codes so yeah that's that's what it is but when you have it just enter invite code email address your password then you can [Music] um reserve your username which is pretty cool because you can just get some first first name username and then you can just proceed this crash in an account but yeah that's what it is I don't know if you when you credit your account can you refer other people or what is that hopefully they will release more invites soon and then you will just be able to yeah to get more invites and invite more people into the app hope that can be helpful at least that I hope that there will be more Innovations soon

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