How to estimate your tax refund in Cash App?

Here's CashApp. So how to estimate your tax refund in CashApp. So here you just have a home tab. You can go to free tax filing and then tab estimate your refund. And then, uh, you can just enter, for example, let's just see. All right. So anyhow, um, this is just an example for you to know that, yeah, you can estimate your tax refund in CashApp for free. This is a free service they have. So yeah. Why you need to use some another app like TurboTax or something like that, or some Intuit apps, and then just pay additional subscription fee. While here actually you can have a quite high quality, uh, refund. So max refund and accurate calculations guaranteed free audit defense included, 100% free from start to finish. And then, yeah, you can just have that, um, here. Yeah. So that's the idea. Um, and then of course, there is a FAQ section where you can just read some additional details and you can always reach out to their support.

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