How to evaluate coin’s worth with CoinSnap app?

here's the interesting coin Snap app on how to identify coins and evaluate their Wars with with this app so it's like super easy so what you need to do is just yeah you just tap identify a coin or tap on the camera icon at the bottom and then you can just go to that coin and then you just need to turn The Coin over like that and then you can see that this is the the coin which you can have here um and yeah so it's like correct and then you can see that yeah this is the price estimate price of it like the year has a lot of uh influence on it like if you have yeah like newer coin it can be worth more so like that's 20 Danish Krone is around like three US dollars or two I guess two and a half depending on the course so it's around the same value as the coin I have because it seems it's very Broad and common but for example if you have a newer one it can be worse more already even if it's if it's like super common coin yeah then you can just see all the specification references images super oh nice interesting information um so yeah all of that you can just see here um so price to high price to low some suggestions uh what you like about this and yeah so that's basically the idea uh how you can use it you can't sell coins or like yeah but that's just for reference

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