How to generate 50 AI Avatar images in Dawn AI app? With a Pro version

in this video I'm gonna show you how to generate first pack of 50 AI avatars in down AI app so here you have a the app and I just uploaded 8 12 selfies of myself in this app so you need to follow this instruction high quality while lighted only one person virus locations various face expression so that's pretty important because different emotions and different face expressions various angles and no sunglasses um so yeah that's basically that uh and uh yeah you can you can try that uh just yeah make sure to include different advice locations here maybe it's not that different but uh it's just as an example and let's see what happens so you need to have at least eight selfies ideally uh ideally yeah uh you need to have 15 because the more you have the better the model is the more Expressions the more emotions you have on your face the batteries for the model uh so and then you just see this when the me tag will be ready you'll get 50 ready to use avatars and you will be able to generate countless Alternatives with this thing like if they say countless Alternatives you need to be upgraded to pro version that's I'm right now upgraded because if you're on a free version I think you will be able to generate first 50 avatars but then um you will need to wait one day to apply one filter so you have all these different filters you want to generate another pack of avatars you need to wait one day in a free version so that's that yeah and then here you have time left nine minutes maybe it's also faster for me because I am on Pro subscription and here basically you have all these different filters which you can apply and generate these avatars so now I have time left uh so yeah there you have it hope this is helpful this is a cool new app down AI rapidly growing in popularity because this actually offers 53 avatars I don't know any other app right now which can offer this free pack of avatars because the computing power is actually pretty expensive so I don't know how they solved it uh like how they were able to get this like free versions anyhow thank you for watching

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