How to generate 90s AI Yearbook photos in EPIK app? Guide

How to Generate 90s AI Yearbook Photos in EPIK App? Guide

Have you ever wondered how you would look in a 90s yearbook photo? Well, thanks to the EPIK app, you can now find out! In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of generating AI yearbook photos using this popular app.

EPIK app is primarily an AI photo editor that allows you to apply various filters to your photos. However, its yearbook feature has gained tremendous popularity recently. To get started, open up the app and you will instantly see a pop-up with the option to create 60 versions of your AI yearbook 90s throwback.

The best part is that there is a 50% discount for the pro subscription specifically for the AI yearbook feature. This means you can try out this viral feature without paying the full price. Simply tap on the offer and proceed to try it out.

Keep in mind that the AI is continuously learning, so the results may not always be perfect. Tips for generating different results include submitting clear photos with a diverse range of expressions. The more variety in your facial expressions, the better the results will be. However, remember that the images should only feature your own face and not include friends, pets, or other distractions.

Once you've selected 8 to 12 selfies that fit these criteria, the app will prompt you to choose between the standard or express option. The standard option may take a minute to generate the images, while the express option guarantees results within two hours for an additional fee.

In case your image generation keeps failing, you can refer to the FAQs for troubleshooting. This issue usually occurs due to the high number of users trying out the feature, especially during peak times like the weekend.

Creating AI yearbook photos can be a bit costly, but EPIK aims to provide a reasonable service. Take this opportunity to check out your new yearbook images and see the transformation for yourself. It's worth noting that EPIK app is available on iPhone (specifically tested on iPhone 14 Pro), but its availability on Android is uncertain.

Some users have reported the sold-out status of certain options, leading to confusion about whether they need to wait for exactly one minute or if the feature is not functioning correctly. This could be due to server capacity issues during peak usage periods. However, with some patience, the options become available again.

With the $4 option being highly sought after, it's clear that many people are eager to try out this AI yearbook feature. Previously priced at $10, the current discounted rate of $6 is an attractive deal for users.

Overall, the EPIK app provides an exciting opportunity to generate 90s AI yearbook photos and relive the nostalgia of that era. Stay tuned for the results and witness the magic of AI transforming your selfies into a throwback yearbook collection.

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