How to generate a QR code in Worldcoin app to verify?

In the Worldcoin app, there is a feature that allows users to generate a QR code for verification purposes. This QR code is required when tapping the "I'm near orb" option in the app. To access this feature, simply navigate to the menu and locate the option to generate the code.

However, it is important to note that in order to complete the verification process, you will need to physically be near the orb device. Unfortunately, it is not possible to send the QR code via email or any other method. The presence of the orb device is necessary for verification.

If you do not already have an orb device, you will need to obtain one. While it may not be possible to purchase an orb device on popular online platforms such as Amazon, there are alternative options available. It is recommended to explore other online marketplaces or contact the manufacturer directly to acquire an orb device.

Once you have the orb device and have generated the necessary QR code in the Worldcoin app, you can proceed with the verification process. Simply show the QR code to the orb device and ensure that your face is also visible for verification purposes.

After presenting the QR code and confirming your identity with the orb device, you will need to wait for confirmation. This confirmation indicates that the verification process has been successfully completed.

In conclusion, if you are looking to generate a QR code for verification in the Worldcoin app, make sure you have an orb device nearby. This device is essential for the verification process and cannot be substituted. Obtain an orb device, generate the QR code, show it to the orb, have your face verified, and wait for confirmation.

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