How to generate AI AVATARS in LENSA AI app? Full tutorial

uh so yeah in this video I will gonna show how to generate avatars AI avatars in this app which is the most viral feature so just open the app you don't even need to create an account just have magic avatars and you can tap create new avatars um and then yeah you can see that you will be generated some new avatars uh like that so it's it's not like you upload your image and then you just have your background blurred or your white and your teeth or you change the color of your eyes whatever so that was like a trend I guess like a year ago now when you just upload a set of 10 yourself is this app will generate a completely new set of like 1500 pictures which is pretty cool and yeah but sometimes AI is just not perfect yet so then it can just generate some weird images and all of that so just tap continue then you can have uh you just have some instructions uh which you can use here you can use good photo examples but further examples what to use what to not like basically make sure to include the nice visible selfies and then you just need to upload like 10 photos for example I can just use those uh and then uh yeah I can just add those you need at least 10 selfies for this app to work so don't use glasses don't use like distant photos don't cover yourself with a lot of like additional elements also if you're in group photos or stuff like that it will just confuse the AI and then you can just check out and then you can just generate all these avatars there are three options in this app there's 50 unique avatars for six dollars 100 for eight and 200 for 12 you can get 51 off if you subscribe to your subscription um and then yeah you just pay for that it's one time payment it's not a monthly subscription and what you can expect so I purchased the lowest package to get 50 avatars and this is what you can get so I just use the same images like as you can see it's actually pretty close I was pretty surprised that yeah actually this uh yeah this app is is doing it pretty close uh the the facial expressions are like pretty good of course maybe I just need to smile a bit more in this new selfies but as you can see I'm pretty impressed actually the quality of it it's it's pretty pretty close yeah you can see yeah all the expression all the images there is so which styles are here in the cheapest package there is like superhero stylish mystical sci-fi astronaut anime Adventure cyborg Cosmic Rockstar and that's it so here you can see all of the pictures kind of then you can just go there of course there are some bugs but I don't see like huge box here yet but uh yeah uh some of the things are like this so you can see it it's still still not like hundred percent there as you can see there are some bugs uh but it's still pretty cool uh like some of the details that yeah pretty close uh I guess it will take some some period until AI becomes really incredible and for example if you want to generate even your passport photo in future or some of you link it in or stuff like that it will be pretty good actually uh but for now this is what it is uh uh so yeah pretty cool uh try it out this is what you can expect so just to set up your expectations if you want to upgrade in this app what you can get this is like the package of six dollars uh so it just includes only 50 avatars if you want to get 100 avatars to it's like seven dollars or something one-time payment it's one of the top apps for this right now of course there are other apps already a lot of them are using this stable diffusion API as I understand so there will be more and more apps in this category but definitely give it a try

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