How to generate AI avatars in VOI app?

so how to generate AI Avatar images in voi AI that are app so yeah to do that uh just uh tap try now and yeah unfortunately you can only generate Avatar of yourself is your own images by upgrading it costs 4.99 dollars per week so it's not it's actually pretty cheap because in other apps like Lanza AI you need to pay like six dollars just for the pack of 50 images for one pack and then for another pack you just need to pay again here you just pay for a week five dollar and then you have unlimited avatars so just upgrade to Warrior Pro and then you will be able to create your own avatar by uploading like 8 to 10 selfies of yourself ideally all these selfies should be with different face expressions but your file should be close to the camera clearly visible nice lightning and then for example you just select all the different styles you have here there are so many plenty of styles and then you can select like any style you like and then yeah you can just select any like character you like and then you can just tap create and then uh you'll be able to create this AI Avatar unfortunately it's only possible to create avatars with celebrities in the free version so you will need to upgrade for this um hope that is helpful

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