How to get 200 gems for free in Talkie app?

The Toki app has recently extended its Toki Invitation Referral Program, giving users the opportunity to earn free gems. In a video transcript, a user explains how they have already received 17,000 gems without spending a single dollar on the app. They encourage others to take advantage of their invitation code, which grants 200 free gems upon registration.

To claim the reward, new users must simply enter the correct referral code provided by the referrer. This code, S-G-Y-5-C-A, ensures a bonus of 200 gems. Interested users can find more details on the rewards and program by visiting the app's website.

It is important to note that new users are required to claim their reward within five days of registering, as the offer will not be issued after the specified period. Previously, this period was until the 31st of January, but it has now been extended until the 31st of March.

The Toki app's Toki Invitation Referral Program provides a simple and rewarding way for users to earn gems without spending any money. By using the referral code provided, new users can quickly accumulate these gems and begin enjoying all that the app has to offer.

So, if you're interested in getting 200 free gems on the Toki app, don't miss out on this opportunity. Take advantage of the invitation code and start enjoying the benefits today.

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