hello everyone so here is Twitter and how to get blue teak on Twitter so now as you can see my profile has this Blue Tick neck next to to the name and if you tap on it it says this account is verified because it's subscribed to Twitter blue so yeah before you could only got uh um like um Twitter blue check mark if you are like a notable person some you know founder some politician and now you can actually buy it uh by just by subscribing to Twitter blue which is 11 per month and you can subscribe on iOS on the web or Android so yeah like this Twitter blue subscription is a new feature which actually gives you this Blue Tick before it was just you would have some new features but now it also gives you this Blue Tick so in my case uh I just had my Twitter account and when I went to to my notifications I just see the message that now you are invited to subscribe to Twitter blue and now I just upgraded and that's how you get a Blue Tick I don't know to which accounts this pref this Twitter blue is applied because I think they are rolling out to all accounts but still some people don't have an invitation to subscribe to Twitter blue but I think it will be available to all users soon um so yeah uh but like the thing is a lot of my viewers say that if you upgrade and pay this eleven dollars you are charged like you will see that you'll see this message enjoy your verified account and blue check mark once you have been approved and you're not getting its instantly so a lot of people actually super disappointed because you paid money and the main reason why you want to have that is because you want to have this blue check mark it kind of looks cool and before that it was it was really uh uh like uh you know like some preference for some cool thing for like selected people not everyone can have it but the truth is it can take like weeks now some people say after paying it takes them for like uh one day and they get this Blue Tick other people say it can take a month and I don't know like in which how much time it will take for you for me it took around a week so I paid I upgraded there is no blue check mark it just says that we are reviewing your account and yeah it's a bit annoying because yeah you paid money you want to have your blue tick but it's for some people it just takes months and it's getting longer and longer these days because they're rolling out this service and I kind of understand Twitter service because probably they really want to identify and verify only real accounts not bought accounts so make sure that you have a real normal account that you have verified your phone number with this account that you have verified jml that you you're not spamming from your account and all of that um yeah and then I think your verification process and your blue check mark will arrive faster

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