How to get a Twitter Community tab?

hey everyone so a lot of my viewers not a lot but the viewer asked me this question on youtube uh how to get like this twitter community tab so this is a new popular feature on twitter as you can see i have my home tab i have search tab i have twitter spices tab i have twitter community tab and then i have notifications and messages so this is a new feature and it's not available by default even if you update the twitter app this community tab is not there how i enabled it i was just following someone some account and i just there was a link to join a community i joined that and when i joined my first community this whole new section of features uh appeared so what i would suggest to you just search in google or anywhere to join your first community so for example just just this account is an example there is like uh go to this week in startups you can see the date of the tweet and then they just post a link to their community so you can just because i already joined that you can just go here and join this community and when you do that this tab should appear for you in the bottom and then you will be able to search for communities discover communities you know and all these tweets from communities will appear in your feed and all of that so yeah i hope this is helpful

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