How to get coins in WEBTOON app for free

How to get coins in WEBTOON app for free

Ever wondered how to acquire coins in the WEBTOON app without spending a dime? It appears there is a way to do just that, as evidenced in a recent video transcript detailing the process.

The transcript reveals a step-by-step guide on getting coins in the WEBTOON app for free. Here's a breakdown:

  1. Sign up for an account on WEBTOON.
  2. Explore the option to "Get free coins for inviting friends to webtune."
  3. Generate your personalized referral code.
  4. Share your referral code with friends.
  5. When a friend signs up using your code, both of you will receive free coins.

According to the transcript, using this method resulted in successfully acquiring free coins. The process seems to involve creating a new account, utilizing the provided referral code, and inviting friends to join using the same code.

While the effectiveness of this method may vary, the individual in the transcript claims to have received a free coin through a referral event in June. Therefore, it might be worth a try for those looking to earn coins without spending money.

In conclusion, this strategy offers a potential solution for obtaining coins in the WEBTOON app at no cost. By following the outlined steps and sharing your referral code with others, you may also benefit from free coins through the platform's referral program.

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