How to get early access to Instagram channels?

okay there so how to get Early Access to um to Instagram channels so this is a new feature it's a broadcasting feature it was just announced by Mark Zuckerberg and the point is that you can create your channel and then you can just send messages to all your subscribers and it will look like kind of your sending messages in your private chat but still it's it's your feed um so that's how it looks like so I think it's basically the clone of telegram so telegram app is super popular in some areas just exactly for that that it just has these channels where you can subscribe to some person and just see all the messages broadcasted um yeah you can say wow that's like uh what's the point you can follow and you just can see their updates in the feed but yeah this is just different um so yeah there you have it so you can just get Early Access just by going uh to Instagram and then go into that link in the in their announcement post and then if you're a US Creator you might get a faster uh spot in the white list

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