How to get expired Worldcoin grants? My experience

How to get expired Worldcoin grants? My experience

Recently, a video transcript surfaced, shedding light on the topic of obtaining expired Worldcoin grants. The speaker shares their personal experience with the process. Here's what they had to say:

I was an early adopter of the Worldcoin app back in the summer of 2023. This allowed me to reserve several grants, starting with the Genesis grant on July 29th, 2023, amounting to 25 Worldcoin. However, attempting to reserve grants predating the Genesis grant proved unsuccessful in my case. It appears that the ability to claim grants before a certain point has been disabled, likely due to missing the deadline.

Key Points:

  • Early adoption of the Worldcoin app in 2023 enabled me to secure a Genesis grant.
  • Subsequent attempts to claim grants prior to the Genesis grant were unsuccessful, indicating a deadline restriction.
  • Registering the app today only allows claiming grants with active deadlines, limiting users to one grant at a time.

Reflecting on the missed opportunities, the speaker underscores the potential value of being able to claim all previous grants at any given time. This could result in a substantial accumulation of Worldcoin, potentially worth several hundred dollars in today's market.

However, the current system does not facilitate retroactive grant claims once the deadline has passed. It's noted that these expired grants are not visible within the Worldcoin app, further restricting access to them post-deadline.

In case of missing a grant reservation deadline, the speaker mentions a potential avenue for recourse - reaching out to Worldcoin support for assistance. However, it's highlighted that the support process may not be very accommodating, with limited success stories reported within online communities.

The speaker concludes by highlighting the existing limitations faced by users in claiming expired Worldcoin grants. They suggest that potential future changes in Worldcoin's policies could alter this scenario, leaving room for speculation on what the future holds for grant claim processes.

The provided transcript offers valuable insights into the dynamics of claiming expired Worldcoin grants, showcasing the speaker's personal journey and the challenges encountered along the way.

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