How to get free coins in Webtoon? So here's the Webtoon app. Basically, if you tap 'More' in the bottom right, you can get free coins for inviting friends to Webtoon. This is my referral code. Once a friend signs up using your code, you will both receive free coins. The recipient must be a new Webtoon user and redeem the code within seven days of creating an account. Use my code 'h12Yv7s' to share this referral code and receive three free coins.

Try it out! There is a limitation on how many free coins you can receive. You can only use five referral codes, and each friend can get three coins, totaling up to 15 coins altogether. It's a pretty cool way to earn some coins just by inviting friends.

You can also view the coins you've purchased and the ones you've received for free. If you prefer, you can buy coins as well. Keep in mind that the one-time coin packs are not cheap. For instance, 52 coins cost $5. However, if you're utilizing the referral system to get free coins, you'll be receiving smaller amounts, like three coins at a time.

So, there you have it. Utilize the referral system, invite friends, and earn free coins on Webtoon. Remember to make the most out of this feature to enhance your reading experience.

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