How to get free tickets in GAUTHMATH app?

hello there so here's gauss mars app so to get free tickets this is what you need to do so as you can see this is my profile and i've got 1695 tickets um as you can see here and the worst of these tickets is around three thousand four hundred dollars and it just adds up every day so i was just like what's going on uh so the way to get this many free tickets is just just go to the app go to my ticket and then go here and invite friends to earn more tickets so tap to copy the code so this is your invitation code by the way you can also use my invitation code i will get more free tickets um [Music] but also please just comment under this video and people will use your invitation goat and you will will get more tickets as well so this is the way to to get the tickets and also i can invite [Music] tickets without time limit and this is called rewards this time so this is unlimited ticket because sometimes the tickets are needs to be used as soon as possible but because i invited many people now i have tickets without time limit so if yeah if you use my invite i get tickets which are without limit why because i already required so many people and if you go to my available tickets i will see that like today i referred 5 tickets 15 tickets 35 tickets 15 and that's my all invite bonuses here i can see all the cost now cost history and then ticket gifts all right i can see expired and zero of them are time limited and tickets with the time limit will be used first so there you have it so i just did it by uh creating a video on youtube about this um and then people just started to watch it a lot and start to use my code and that's how it works so just have this code and share it as much as possible you can share it in facebook groups on twitter on linkedin so just fine probably create your account here get your invitation code register on some facebook groups with must students with college students or anyone who is using this math solver app because it's super popular right now and in super demand and just share your code and ask for people to sign up using your code and then it will just get some viral effect and you can get more and more people using the app with your code so that's how it works so this is my code use it when you're creating an account                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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