How to get hints in frfr app?

Have you ever found yourself unable to figure out who sent you a message on the 4eel4eel app? Fortunately, there is a feature on the app that could grant you access to unlimited hints. Here's how:

Similar to what's available on the NGL app, you'll need to go to your inbox and select the message you want to know more about. From there, send a message to that thread and select "See who sent this." Once you have been directed to the next page, all that's left is to upgrade to a platinum subscription to gain access to unlimited hints.

However, there's always a catch. The upgrade costs $6.99 per week, with no free trials offered. Also, you won't be able to pay for monthly or yearly subscriptions. You'll be charged instantly upon upgrading.

Despite the cost, it's important to note that the hints provided on this app are not exactly specific. They could range from the city and phone model used by the sender to general descriptions.

It's unclear what other kinds of hints could be provided, as there is no exact description of them on the app's website. Even if you upgrade, the app may still withhold the sender's username or Instagram account from you.

So, if you're curious or in need of a hint, you can give it a try by upgrading to a platinum subscription. Whether or not it's worth the cost solely depends on how useful the hints are to you and your needs.

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