How to get Locket app in TestFlight? Is it possible?

The Locket app has been a popular choice for users looking to access new features faster through its TestFlight program. However, some users have reported difficulties in finding the TestFlight option within the app. In a recent video transcript, a user shared their experience with trying to access Locket app through TestFlight. Here is a brief summary of the user's journey:

  1. The user mentioned that in previous versions of the TestFlight app, they were able to add the Locket widget and access features ahead of other users.
  2. However, the user noticed that the Locket widget was removed, leading to confusion on how to access the TestFlight program for Locket.
  3. Despite having a Locket Gold subscription, the user could not find any direct link within the app to join the early product updates through TestFlight.
  4. The user expressed frustration over the lack of information on how to access TestFlight with the Locket app and emphasized the need for clearer instructions.

It appears that some changes have been made within the Locket app that have affected the TestFlight integration. Users who previously enjoyed early access to features are now left without clear guidance on how to re-join the TestFlight program.

As the user highlighted, it would be beneficial for Locket app developers to provide updated information on the TestFlight access process. Ensuring that users can easily navigate the app and participate in beta programs is crucial for maintaining user satisfaction and engagement.

If you are also experiencing challenges in accessing the Locket app through TestFlight, reaching out to the app's support team or checking for any official announcements regarding TestFlight integration could provide more clarity on the situation. Keeping an eye out for app updates and relevant notifications may also help in staying informed about any changes to the TestFlight program within the Locket app.

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