How to get Locket Video Update?

The recent update for Locket Video has prompted user inquiries on how to access this feature. Users have reported a somewhat convoluted process to enable the video update feature. Below is a transcript detailing how one can obtain the Locket Video update:

To access the Locket Video update feature, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Locket app on your device.
  2. To send a video via Locket, tap and hold the designated button.
  3. Once you've tapped and held the button, you can proceed to send the video in the Locket.

Here are some key points to consider regarding the Locket Video update:

  • Despite the expected behavior, the feature may not consistently function as intended.
  • When initiating the video update, a yellow circle will appear, indicating that the video is being recorded.
  • Several users have experienced the feature disappearing after updating Locket, only to reappear after another update.

The current version of Locket, version 1.76, seems to lack the video update feature. Rumors suggest that the feature may be accessible through a test flight link provided by Locket for selected members. This exclusive access has made obtaining the link quite challenging, as it is not readily available in the app's menu or public domain.

It appears that the video update feature is still in the development and testing phase. Locket previously offered a feature called Locket Gold for sending videos, which has also been removed. Users have expressed frustration over the delay in fully implementing the video update, especially considering it has been over a year since its initial release.

In conclusion, while the Locket Video update feature holds promise, its availability remains limited and under ongoing development. Users are encouraged to share any insights or tips on obtaining the elusive test flight link in the comments section, as the quest for accessing this sought-after feature continues.

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