How to get MORE EGGS in WIDGETABLE app? Few ways!

Vegetable app, now also available on Android, offers a fun and interactive way to raise pets with your friends. One of the key elements of this app is collecting eggs to hatch and nurture into pets. In this article, we will discuss a few ways to get more eggs in the Vegetable app.

  1. Lifetime Subscription: One of the easiest options to acquire more eggs is by purchasing a lifetime subscription. By opting for a monthly subscription for $5 or a yearly subscription for $20, you will not only receive one egg immediately but also a weekly pet egg. This means a steady supply of eggs every week to continue growing your pet collection.
  2. Shop for Eggs: If you're looking for a quicker way to expand your collection, you can visit the in-app store and purchase eggs individually or as part of pet packages. By spending $1.99, you can instantly acquire an additional egg.
  3. Invitations: Inviting friends to join the Vegetable app can also earn you more eggs. By sharing your invitation code, you can give new users the opportunity to install the app and enter your code, resulting in you both receiving a new pet egg. This method has proven to be quite effective, with some users accumulating a significant number of eggs by inviting friends or viewers of their YouTube videos.

To make use of the invitation code, simply tap on "Invite a new user," copy the invitation link with your code, and share it with the prospective user. Once they install the app and enter your code, both of you will be rewarded with a new pet egg.

  1. Participate in Draws: The Vegetable app periodically offers draws or promotions where users have a chance to win additional eggs. To increase your chances of winning, you may be required to watch advertisements or participate in certain activities within the app.

These are the four main methods to get more eggs in the Vegetable app. With options ranging from purchasing a lifetime subscription to inviting friends and participating in draws, there are various ways to expand your pet collection. So why not give it a try and start accumulating more eggs in the Vegetable app?

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