How to get paid via YouTube BrandConnect?

So, how to get paid through YouTube BrandConnect? If you're already making money with YouTube Google AdSense, there is nothing more for you to do. Of course, you need to be part of the YouTube Partner Program. Once you are a part of it, finding the total amount of money you made through YouTube BrandConnect is quite simple. Just sign into the YouTube Studio, select Analytics from the top menu, then choose Revenue and look for the Revenue Sources card. If you've made money through YouTube BrandConnect during the selected time period, you'll find a YouTube BrandConnect Revenue row under Revenue Sources.

Now, let's talk about the payment process. YouTube will pay you through AdSense, so everything will be streamlined for creators in the United States. In the Payment section, you can find performance and payment info, total proposed pricing for participating in branded content campaign processing updates, and a payment summary, which allows you to see your performance payments. For creators in the United States, YouTube BrandConnect will pay you 30 days after your video goes live through AdSense. This ensures that you receive payment in a timely manner.

To recap, here are the steps to find the total amount of money you have made through YouTube BrandConnect:

  1. Sign into the YouTube Studio.
  2. Select Analytics from the top menu.
  3. Choose Revenue and locate the Revenue Sources card.
  4. Look for the YouTube BrandConnect Revenue row.

It is worth mentioning that this program is still in beta, so there may be more changes to come. Additionally, YouTube BrandConnect has recently been rolled out to India, although the process for getting paid in India has not been specified yet. As the program continues to evolve, more details will likely be shared.

Overall, YouTube BrandConnect offers creators the opportunity to monetize their content through branded content campaigns. By following the steps mentioned above, you can easily keep track of the revenue generated from this program. Stay tuned for any updates and changes as YouTube continues to enhance its offerings.

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