How to get redeem code TestFlight

How to get redeem code TestFlight? So here is TestFlight app and here I'm just using for example these apps and to enter redeem code in top right you just tap redeem button and enter your redeem code here.

In my experience, however, it doesn't always work. So when I usually try to get an invitation code and enter it here, there are all kinds of errors. You will see messages like "couldn't redeem" or "invalid code" or something else. In my case, I usually try to get an invitation link, not the code.

Here is a step-by-step guide I usually follow to obtain a TestFlight redeem code or invitation link:

  1. Look for a menu in the settings of the app where you can apply to become a beta tester.
  2. Submit the form provided in that section.
  3. Receive a TestFlight invitation link.
  4. Tap on the invitation link to be automatically accepted into the beta testing program.

This method has proven to be more reliable compared to directly entering the redemption code in the TestFlight app.

If you encounter issues with redeeming codes directly, I suggest reaching out to the developer for assistance. Here is how you can request an invitation link from the app developer:

  • Visit the app's support page.
  • Look for ways to contact the developer, usually through a support ticket submission.
  • Inquire about their TestFlight invitation program.
  • The developer will need to provide you with the invitation link as they are the only ones able to generate it.

Remember, only the developer of the app has the capability to create TestFlight invitation links, so it is essential to communicate with them for access.

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