How to get TestFlight invitation code for the app?

To get a TestFlight invitation code for an app, you need to follow a few simple steps. Whether you find the code within the app itself or in a specific support section, this article will guide you through the process.

One way to find the TestFlight invitation code is by locating it in the app or in a dedicated support section. For instance, some GitHub repositories provide links to all available apps. These links usually follow the format "", with the test flight invitation code included as the last part. You can either copy the code or tap on the link to access it.

Let's consider an example to better understand the process. Suppose you are looking for a particular app in a repository. Once you find it, there will be a code or a link associated with it. You can either tap on the link directly or open it to redeem the code. Simply tap the "redeem" option after pasting the code, and it should work seamlessly.

However, there might be some instances where issues arise. For unknown reasons, the code might get cut off or the app only accepts uppercase letters. If you encounter such problems, the best solution is to tap on the link provided. By tapping on the link directly, you can bypass any potential bugs and successfully redeem the code.

It's worth noting that these occasional issues with redeeming codes have been reported by users and seem to persist. While it may be frustrating, developers are likely working to address these bugs and improve the user experience.

To sum up, obtaining a TestFlight invitation code for an app involves finding the code within the app or its support section. Remember, if you encounter any issues redeeming the code, try tapping on the provided link instead.

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