How to get TestFlight INVITATION CODE?

If you're wondering how to get a TestFlight invitation code, let me share my experience on how I added apps like Logger, Demos, and Bureal. The process involves redeeming the TestFlight invitation code, but before that, you'll need to follow a few steps.

First, start by downloading the TestFlight app and opening it on your device. Once you have TestFlight installed, you can proceed with the following steps.

In the case of Bureal apps, they had a link button in their menu that said something like, "Do you want to help us out and test the new Bureal app?" I simply tapped on the link within the app, and it redirected me to TestFlight. Interestingly, I already had Bureal installed on my device. So, unlike the traditional method of copying an invitation code and redeeming it, I joined the beta test program through this link. It's worth noting that this process may vary for different apps.

Similarly, with the Locket Widget and other apps, I went to their help center. If they have a beta tester program, you'll likely find a clickable option to join TestFlight. By clicking on that, I was able to join TestFlight and access the Locket Widget app without the need to enter a redeemable TestFlight code.

To summarize, my experience didn't involve filling out any forms or receiving an invitation code via email. Instead, I clicked on links provided within the respective apps' help centers and joined the beta test programs directly. Of course, your experience may differ depending on the app and its specific testing process.

If you're interested in trying out new apps and contributing to their development, I encourage you to explore the respective app's help center or reach out to the app developers for further guidance. TestFlight is a valuable platform that allows users to test and provide feedback on pre-release versions of apps, helping developers refine their creations before a wider release.

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