How to get two bitmojis together in SnapChat?

Snapchat users who are looking to include two Bitmojis together in their chats can leverage a specific feature available in Snapchat Plus. To get two Bitmojis together, users must first navigate to their list of chats. Once in the chats section, it is essential to select their best friend from the list. Tapping on the best friend's name should reveal two Bitmojis, showcasing both avatars in a single interaction. Notably, this feature is only accessible for interactions with best friends.

It's important to note that attempting to view both Bitmojis in chats with other friends will not yield the same result. Users are advised to specifically choose their best friend to have the dual Bitmoji functionality enabled. By filtering the chats and selecting the designated best friend, users can witness the amalgamation of the two avatars.

The process may require users to be subscribed to Snapchat Plus, as indicated by the user in the video transcript. The exact availability and functionality of this feature may vary based on the user's subscription status. While the user mentioned being a Snapchat Plus subscriber, their friend may not have the same subscription level. This underscores the potential requirement for both parties to have Snapchat Plus for the feature to function seamlessly.

Ultimately, for Snapchat enthusiasts seeking to elevate their interactions with the platform by incorporating dual Bitmojis, exploring the capabilities of Snapchat Plus may unveil additional features and functionalities that enhance the overall user experience.

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