How to get verified in CoverStar app?

If you're wondering how to get verified in the CoverStar app, the process is relatively straightforward. All you need to do is reach out to their support center by sending an email to Upon contacting them, they will verify your account for two main reasons.

The first reason is when a talent or a CoverStar user becomes extremely popular. In such cases, there is no specific follower count required for verification. It seems that if you gain significant traction and become well-known within the app, they will consider verifying your account.

The second reason for verification is when an influencer from another app joins CoverStar. In these instances, the verification serves to confirm to users that the account belongs to a real person and not a fake fan account. By verifying such accounts, people can trust and engage with the influencer's content more confidently.

Unfortunately, the exact criteria for becoming verified in CoverStar remains somewhat unclear. The description provided is rather vague. It does not specify the specific follower count or the number of views that one should have to be eligible for verification.

CoverStar is predominantly aimed at teenagers and kids, serving as an American alternative to TikTok. However, it should be noted that the app's user base is relatively niche compared to TikTok. As a result, the audience and reach of the app may not be as extensive.

So, if you have gained fame on TikTok and recently created an account on CoverStar, the level of fame required for verification is uncertain. You may need to assess your own follower count, number of views, or the extent of your influence to determine if you meet the necessary criteria for verification. If you believe you have reached a sufficient level, it is recommended to reach out to and inquire about the verification process.

In conclusion, the process of getting verified in the CoverStar app involves contacting their support center and expressing your interest in verification. While there is no exact follower count or view requirement for verification, gaining popularity within the app or being an influencer from another platform could increase your chances. For more specific information and guidance, reaching out to CoverStar's support team is essential.

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