How to get WiCoins in Wizz app? Daily rewards!

here's this app if you type in top left you can get some V coins did you know that uh basically tap on your profile in top left tap on V coins and just basically you can get free daily rewards with Bitcoins so just by logging in first time you get 10 viewcoins if you log in in 24 hours again to with up you get another 15. then you can uh yeah a log back in and then you can get Super Chat and then day for 30 coins day 550 day 600 and then you can get a boost at day seven also you can just buy packs but also you can just watch a short video and get five Bitcoins or something like that uh so yeah if you didn't know that that's pretty cool so you can do that uh uh yeah if you enjoyed this trick just send me some super thanks on YouTube uh also just subscribe or leave a comment or yeah anything would be helpful thank you for watching

Is there a BeReal Lock Screen widge...
Is there a BeReal Lock Screen widget?
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