How to gift an Instagram subscription?

how to gift a subscription in Instagram so here you have Instagram you can tap subscribe and then you can just tap give a subscription and then you can now give subscriptions to friends and then choose a friend select a friend to give the subscriptions like select the subscription plan send a message with your gift add a custom message to your gift for a personal touch so then you can just uh and then yeah maybe we can send it to Zach and then uh yeah then you can just select how you want to subscribe there are multiple subscription plans this is one time payment from you your recipient must redeem the gift in their inbox to activate the subscription run the subscription is redeemed it will start immediately and then one month three months or six months and then by placing this order you agree to the subscription terms so that's basically the process you can do this with select you select accounts and Instagram it's kind of a new feature so definitely try it out

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